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Not-your-usual BTO Home

Turning ordinary home, extraordinary.

Knocking downing a few walls here and there, creating a larger interior space immediately gives you the visual conception of a rather grand, comfortable and uncluttered home.

Located in the heart of Yishun, the house initially had a 'L-shaped' living room adjoining the dining and kitchen before demolition of walls. As the owner do not wish to have an ordinary, uninspiring home to come home to everyday, he asked for a timeless and unique design. We did away with the initial wall between the living and kitchen.

After making do with the initial kitchen wall, it opens up the house, and widen up the hallway. Even after fabricating the large island, there was still ample space to walk around. Even though there are many different types of worktops, the owner chose a sleek and timeless Black Quartz top, that will never go out of style. They can also organise a steamboat session, just by throwing an induction cooker on top of the island. It is indeed a knock off the wall with many uses!

The flooring of the house will always be the first thing you come into contact with. It plays a critical role when it comes to visuality and practicability. The initial BTO kitchen's flooring was hacked off and replace with timber-strip tiles to match with the cabinet color and to enhance the visual aesthetics of the kitchen.

Everyone knows location, color and design all play a part in Feng Shui; as you know, the Feng Shui in the kitchen relates to your overall health and well-being. The owner told us that his sink could not be at the initial place (could not be against the wall, where the stove is now). We then propose to do an open concept kitchen adjoining the sink and the island; relocating the sink perpendicular to the fridge. A clear tempered glass was placed in-front of the sink to prevent water from spilling out. The inlet and outlet was also cleverly redesigned to fit the design.

Even though there are no limitations to how or where you want your air-conditioning to be, however, the location where you place your air-con units and the type of air-con units will have a big impact on the coolness you'll get. Fixing up the air-cons is easy but if you want it to provide you the coolness and 'coolness'(pun intended) it does not only require the air-con experts but actually needs a team of people coming together to make it right the very first time. We had the full air-con piping concealed, beautifully placing the powerful 26K BTU Wide&Long air-con just right smack in the middle of the living and kitchen.

The bespoke carpentry gives owner the flexibility to ingeniously fill up the house with many different kinds of wanted or unwanted goods. Being an Iron Man figurine collector, the owner wanted some showcase collectibles as well as to cover up the nasty bomb shelter. Hence we came out with a full height display cabinet with shoe cabinet, ending off with some grooves. It act as a cover up to the bomb shelter, and double up as a huge flushed feature display once you stepped into the house!

Every interior design decision you make should be suited to you and your lifestyle. Are you looking for someone to provide you with such a well-thought-out renovation process? Look no further, we are right here waiting for you <3 Leave an enquiry or request for a quote here today!

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