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Straits Mansions Condo

When it comes to renovation, most of us can’t help but to dread this long and expensive process. Given the right help & ideas all these could be handled well and fast. So let me take this condo for instance, it only took us 6 weeks to complete this entire project.

The sun light cast abstract shadow over the concrete wall not only did it defines the space, it also creates privacy for homeowners.

Let's draw the attention closer to the TV console. Our designer used black trimming to make it relatively stand-out.

We have brought the built-ins to a whole new level by incorporating the panels into the tv-console by making them even more functional. So that owner could have the best of both world.

The different shades of brown in the entire house have different mood yet it's kept in theme. Neutrals can be every bit as glamorous, elegant, and yes, uncluttered and comfortable. Let us know how you feel about it?

DM us to find out more information, or feel free to approach us for a non-obligatory quotation!

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