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41 Teban Garden 4 Room HDB

Eclectic Style: Playful & Quirky


Are you into rich, layered interior design yet worry it can easily be overdone to look terrible? If yes, this subtle eclectic style interior design might be a great pick to add character to your home! All about harmonizing disparate styles, contrasting colors, furnishings and materials to curate a uniquely cohesive blend of designs and patterns of personal space.

Welcoming you with an inviting, fun, bright and small open kitchen! Featuring all the essence of the functional ingredients found in much larger cooking spaces like beautiful and practical lighting and prep spaces with easy access to appliances. While the countertops look like marble, they are actually Kompac Plus, a more durable material that is made to last.

A sleek fluted glass door with a bold black frame, not only giving off major style vibes but also letting sunshine beam through. And, shh, don't worry about privacy, it's still got you covered! If you're looking for the ultimate bathroom upgrade, this is the door for you.

Picture yourself strolling through a tropical oasis without ever stepping a foot outside. The Wide&Style Mini tiles bring the beauty of nature to your living space with its intricate patterns and botanical feels. These glazed porcelain tiles with a matte finish add a touch of luscious greenery to your bathroom, turning it into the perfect spot to unwind and relax. Transform your walls into a blossoming garden and let the worries slip away! 

Be bold, get playful and let your imagination run wild with J Design & Build as we create something fresh and personalized, exclusively for you!

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