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Bidadari Park 4 Room HDB

Mind-Blowing Wooden & Black Interior Design!


We know black may not be the first thought that comes to your mind when you are considering bright and clean contemporary home design. But, little did you know that, in practice, it is all sorts of incredible and striking with the right mix! Read on to learn more!

Magically integrating black and wood colours interior and be surprised by the luxurious, sophisticated and stylish look it brings! Creating harmony seamlessly, the soothing look of the wood colour with a bold black theme gorgeously creates a strong visual contrast, making each element stand out on its own, curating a romantic sensation.

No doubt that edges and hard functional lines are inevitable in kitchen space; however, we have incorporated an impactful kitchen island with a curvilinear design to soften the look and feel of this open concept kitchen. Not only does it feature an interesting element, but it is also practical to avoid bumping into pointed edges as you move around the living space.

Decked with black cabinetry, infusing the kitchen with a chic and modern edge while giving you ample space for storage. Completing the mesmerizing look with the modern track lights that thread even illumination through this alluring kitchen design.

Extending the fluting details from the curving scheme island and echoed it to the main living room and walkway divider, creating a sophisticated echoed feature wall that fantastically adds texture, character and graceful touches.

Infusing your living space with a sleek and modern edge through the seamless integration of the black and wood colours interior to curate style that’s speaks. Elevate it with unparalleled bespoke furniture craftsmanship and quality to exudes aesthetics with practicality.

Connect with us, @J design & build to realize your dream home today!

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