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565 Pasir Ris Street 51

Give Your Kitchen a New Modern Twist - Sleek & Chic Rustic!


Adopting minimalism, clutter-free and ergonomic space planning layout, we transform this 31-year old 4 Room Resale HDB Flat into a Sleek and Chic Rustic cozy living space!

Featuring streamlined cabinetry with open shelves, we provide addition storage space to add overall aesthetic without compromising on style. Embrace by an abundance of warmth and cozy set up, this highly efficient kitchen workflow, exposed pipe and floating spice rack are the signature elements to bring out the charm of rustic touch!

This front-loading washer cum dryer are not only easy on the eyes but also easy on the planet! They're like superheroes of the laundry world, saving water and energy while looking oh-so-good. Plus, no need to hide them away in a corner; they deserve to be front and center!

Say goodbye to boring laundry days and hello to the future of laundry! The automated laundry rack is a game-changer that'll revolutionize the way you do laundry. Never worry about the weather again, as this wonder gadget dries your clothes at lightning speed without breaking a sweat.

Making sure our kitchen stays a "zen zone", we've got a fancy trackless sliding door. It's like a secret agent, sneaking light into the kitchen through three sleek glass panels that glide open and tuck away neatly to one side. The kitchen still looks oh-so-sleek, with no trace of chaos.

Give your home a new look, connect with J Design & Build for a free consultation today!

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