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Highly Customisable Build-in Designs

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

The True Game Changer to Kitchens.

Feng Shui's designs need not be boring or unsightly. The completed project at Bukit Batok portrayed a trendy and positive Qi for the kitchen.

Owner Louis requested for a Feng Shui compliant kitchen in order to bring health, wealth and vigour to the family. Not only did the designer incorporated a bright colour scheme to fit the theme, the clever used of hardwares and fancy mechanism was also why this project is being featured. Alongside with the trendy subway tiles, makes the kitchen a nice place to be for a long time.

The owner found many ideas from Ikea, but would like to incorporate other fancy mechanism and sleek designs into it, hence he approached us to make his dream kitchen come true.

The kitchen looks relatively simple, but it incorporated many smart and fancy hardwares as seen in the video. The drawers are all Blum-Tip-on with Blumotion. There aren't enough finger gaps for you to pull out the drawers as the owner wish for the kitchen to be sleek and special.

You just have to press on it and the drawer will come bouncing out with lights coming on, creates additional fun to the cabinets! (Especially useful when your fingers are dirty and you need to open the drawer! Just push the cabinet with your non-dirty body parts and the drawers pops out for you to get what you need.)

Aside to that, it cannot be tell from the pictures, but the sink area is actually made of concrete for durability as even waterproof board may corrode over time but concrete is here to stay.

Keep your kitchen clean, clutter-free, funky and you wanted it to be! What are you waiting for, contact us now for a non-obligatory consultation for your new home!

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