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Makeover of a 40-year-old HDB

Nothing is more exciting than seeing a shabby hideout turn into an insta-worthy place you call home. This 40 year old flat originally had look like a haunted factory, with grimy walls and floor tiles that haven been clean in ages. There were yellow-greenish dirt stains everywhere. Located in commonwealth, this HDB was look upon by brave owners who decided they wanted a good old Cinderella story. Dusting over all parts of the home turning it into a jaw dropping experience everyone.

Looking at the splitted bathrooms -into shower and toilet area, which our predecessors came up with it easily tells the age of the house. Just imagine taking a dump and walking another one metre or so to take a bathe. However, the owner together with the designer believe if you can’t beat them, join them! If you can’t change something, you learn how to live with it in a happier manner - turning it into one gorgeous pooping/bathing hideout, you easily mistaken as a hotel's toilet.

A trendy white subway tile backdrop plays a great contrast to the wooden carpentry, blending in seamlessly to the kitchen. Paired with lighting and a sleek kompacplus worktop, the kitchen is where you want to be all day, cooking something sumptuous you and your love ones.

One of the head turner is the sliding barn door. It is actually a customised extraordinarily large raw wood door. It’s heavy and more durable compared to normal plywood barn door. One of the benefits of using one instead of swing doors is the the space saved. But why choose ordinary aluminium glass door when you can have a nicer door that blends well with the cosy living room.

You think it's impossible to have a walk-in wardrobe confining within the room and without hacking off walls. But tralalala~ there you have it. A gallery-styled sliding wardrobe with wooden finish paired with the parquet flooring and track lights which uplift the whole feel of the room. The wardrobe actually acts as a divider in room, saving space without forfeiting an entire room. Accompanied with a vanity dresser, a sleek and lighted frameless mirror beside the walk-in wardrobe instantly boost the ambience and elegance of the room.

Renovation can be a fun and exciting process or a major nightmare, depending on who you choose to do the job! What are you waiting for? Leave an enquiry or request for a quote here today!

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